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Innovation - Dnalysis
Until recently, healthcare practitioners have been left to educate themselves in this exciting area of clinical science; we recognise the complexities that surround DNA testing, and our goal is to make this science readily accessible to every clinical practice.

We differentiate ourselves in the market through our extensive knowledge base, our selective test panels and our practical and user friendly reports. Equipped with the most up-to-date DNA tests, dnalife is dedicated to providing healthcare practitioners with training and education to accurately interpret genetic results.

The impact of diet, lifestyle, exercise, and environment on an individual’s genetic makeup should not be underestimated. Knowledge of how genes are influenced by external factors enables the development of personalised health programs not only in supporting the chronically ill patient to improve health, but also for someone at peak fitness levels to gain the most from their training programs.

Our DNA tests focus on health management, dietary disposition, athletic performance and drug metabolism. Each test provides a unique insight into a patient’s genetic code: revealing sensitivities, susceptibilities, and keys to their true health potential.

Genetic testing gets to the basis of a patient’s biochemistry. Such a sensitive subject demands careful measures for revealing and interpreting the results of genetic testing.  DNALife has set new standards, not only in the development of our test panels, but also in the education of those using the tests.

We believe that genetic testing should always be considered in the context of a broader medical examination; our tests are therefore available exclusively through appropriately trained medical practitioners.

Education - Nordic Laboratories
All health professionals are obviously more effective when they are well informed. To this end, Nordic Laboratories provides a range of workshops, courses and ongoing professional support to empower practitioners to create and deliver the best possible treatment protocols for their clients.

Over the years, doctors and nutritionists have to come to see us as a trustworthy and reliable source of knowledge and experience.

Collaboration - Nordic Laboratories and Dnalysis come together to create DNALife
With a joint vision of the future, Nordic Laboratories and DNAlysis Biotechnology have created DNALife which offers:

DNA Diet

DNA Health

DNA Mind

DNA Skin

DNA Sport

DNA Oestrogen

All tests that been scientifically proven to help determine the best way forward for individuals to reach their health, nutrition and sports potential.