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Health care is for patients. Everything we do at Nordic Laboratories is done with an aim to help practitioners provide better treatment outcomes. We work closely with scientists and practitioners within and beyond our own clinic to ensure that our tests have the highest scientific validity and clinical relevance possible. 
These tests are backed by verified studies, and we constantly monitor various fields of medical research to incorporate the most up-to-date laboratory evaluations into our catalogue. Rather than treat symptoms, we hope to diagnose potential conditions before they emerge and encourage patients to be active in their own health maintenance. In this way, we're focused with a functional medicine context: preventative, personalised, holistic health care.
Functional medicine is the promising future of health care. It uses a systems-oriented approach, engaging both patient and practitioner to address the underlying causes of disease, not to simply treat the symptoms. As opposed to the current health care model—which is reactionary and addresses conditions through standardized treatments only once the conditions emerge—functional medicine is focused on the prevention of patient conditions, views each patient's body as a unique holistic system, and considers each patient's symptoms and conditions within the context of that person's life.

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